Укрпромизол ЛТД

Heat-insulating cardboard
ТУ У В.2.7-23.9-37807011-001:2019

ТК-4, ТК-1

ТУ У В.2.7-23.9-37807011-001:2019
ДСТУ Б В.2.7-316:2016

Cardboards TK-4 and TK-1 are made of super-thin basalt fiber BSTV and binder:

  1. soft cardboard TK-4 is made using an inorganic binder;
  2. solid cardboard TK-1 is made using concrete clay.

Cardboards are produced in two types: foil and non-foil.

Length – 1180mm
Width – 850 mm
Thickness – 5mm, 10mm
(Possible change in linear dimensions as agreed with the customer.)

Due to its structure and geometry, TK-1 and TK-4 cardboard in the form of sheets is convenient to install, can be used for heat and sound insulation, in places and on equipment where space for attaching a heat insulator is limited, where it is technically impossible to use heat-insulating mats.
It is an environmentally friendly material with low thermal conductivity.

Scope and features of application

  • It is used for heat and fire protection of ventilation ducts, ducts, metal structures, building structures.
  • For lining works, for repairs of furnaces for various purposes, steel-pouring ladles, for insulation of hot water, steam boilers and autonomous heating boilers, household electric and gas stoves, drying chambers.
  • Environmentally friendly does not contain carcinogenic and toxic substances.


The name of indicators

Value for cardboard type

ТК-4 ТК-1
Density kg / m3 до 90 От 90 до 280 включ.

Thermal conductivity, W / (m · K), no more, at a temperature:

– (25±5)°С

– (125±5)°С

– (300±5)°С









Humidity,% by mass, no more 1,0 2,0
Sorption hydration in 24 hours,% by mass, not more than 2,0 4,0